Weigh-in :-(

Posted by anchan Friday, 27 August 2010
Just stepped on the scales and am gutted to learn that my weight is UP yet again, 67.5kg :-( This is so disappointing, as I only snacked a little (far, far less than I used to), ate chocolate only once this week, continued with the Wii Fit exercise (3 times) and went swimming on Wednesday. Really, really peed off, might as well have carried on eating junk as my weight seemed to stay the same in those days... pass the ice-cream!


  1. Sara Says:
  2. Don't be discouraged!!!
    Could be water weight or something else - sounds like you have been healthy so I'd be hard pressed to believe its extra flab!

    I'm sure next week you will see an extra good loss. Have a tiny cup of ice cream if it helps but don't give up hope!!


  3. gaijinwife Says:
  4. bugger. can you blame that on DBC? I blame my 1kg gain on not so petit fours.

    munch munch.

    better luck to us next week :)

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. Whatever you do, don't fall for the 'might as well have eaten junk' line - your results would have been that much worse if you had. You have to think of it as 'wow, survived the holidays, and a really amazing DB challenge without putting on too much!

  7. anchan Says:
  8. Thanks, ladies. I don't think it had anything to do with the DB challenge as I did it earlier in the month (and only had one slice). I'm wondering if it may be some kind of premenstrual bloat?!

    Really lost the plot over the weekend, back on track today!

    Ganbarou ne...