Posted by Rachel Sunday, 22 August 2010
Friday: went out for dinner Friday night, so I ate very little during the day, breakfast was so late it turned into lunch, then something for afternoon tea when I realized I couldn't last until 7:30! Dinner was lots of salads, sashimi, grilled chicken, yamaimo steak, one piece of fried chicken, nicer than normal izakaya food and LOADS of beer, plus a few nachos at midnight!

Saturday: while I can refrain from eating too much while drinking, the real problem for me comes the next day. I WOLF down food, and CRAVE quarter pounders with cheese. I think I just have to pace myself. Ham and egg for breakfast/lunch, cheese on toast, cheese and marmite crackers, very small bowl, just a taste really, of curry rice, plus... A meat pie!!! I bought these for my birthday, I bought enough for the family to have one each for lunch on my birthday, and one extra for me to sneak-eat by myself when no-one is watching. Since Amy and Lena went to a friend's house, Erica was asleep and Kanji out, I thought perfect! Then Erica woke up, and Kanji came home for a bit as he was recalled from the concert to fix the carwash at work, so my pie had to wait a bit, but I enjoyed it totally in the end, and Erica didn't even want any - she hasn't learned yet. She will soon. Oh, and plus some awful yucky instant pudding which I will never buy again. Can't beat Greggs!

Weekend is not over yet, we have a barbecue tonight. I won't be drinking so the temptation to drink endless sodas instead plus more and more meat will be strong. I might pull a sickie and come home early. Breakfast WILL BE a bowl of muesli, lunch I don't know yet, probably eggs. My new order of wholegrain bread arrived from fbc. Fellow flums, let me know if you want me to pass a few slices to you to see if you like it.


  1. anchan Says:
  2. Was it your birthday this weekend?!

  3. anchan Says:
  4. Just read this!


  5. Rachel Says:
  6. Oh, god that looks delicious! But this is the Gregg's I was thinking about:


    And, no, alas (diet-wise at least) my birthday is next weekend, so I have a few more parties to go! Plan so far is dinner out with hubby on Friday, home-cooked roast lamb and lava cakes on Saturday, and lunch out at a Turkish restaurant plus chocolate parfaits for dinner on Sunday.