Wednesday - Friday and first weigh in

Posted by Violet Friday, 27 August 2010
So here's what I had and did...
Wednesday for breakfast: half a grapefruit, one bowl of no-sugar added museli with 1 bannana, 0% yoghurt, low-fat milk and a cup of coffee with low-fat milk.
Lunch: bought chirashi sushi (sounds good but I'm sure it had about a cup of sugar in it), piece of wholemeal toast with homemade hummus and half a tomato, fruit salad (grapes, nashi, kiwifruit, bannana).
3pm snack: wierd omiyage from Hokkaido - has been in fridge for ages and had to be eaten. It's called "seal's eggs" which grossed me out, but is actually a dark and white chocolate thingy and quite yummy. Mugicha.
6pm snack: slice of cheese, raw carrot with hummus.
Dinner: small piece of grilled fish, small bowl of rice, miso soup, steamed brocolli and simmered pumpkin. Mugicha.
After dinner: Glass of orange juice.
Litres of water consumed throughout the day.
Wednesday exercise: 1 hour of power walking pushing twin stroller (with twin babies in it). Sweated buckets. 20 mins of ab-sep correction exercises from my physio.

Thursday breakfast: the Tesco shop is out of my no-sugar added museli so had to buy their strawberry oat clusters - very yummy but way more sugar and fat content. Had a bowl of half no-sugar museli and half stawberry oat clusters with a bannana and low-fat milk. Cup of coffee. Half a grapefuit.
Morning tea: Cup of coffee and delicious chocolate mousse cake. My friend bought the cake over. Would have been rude not to...
Lunch: Two pieces of wholemeal toast with slices cheese, half a tomato and homemade hummus. One nashi.
Dinner: Small bowl of rice, miso soup, mince vege mix (from the freezer - made by my mum while she was here...), steamed broccoli. Nashi. Mugicha.
After dinner: club soda with juice of half a lemon.

Thursday exercise: didn't get to do the power walking due to visit from friend but in the evening I did the postpartum exercise DVD (35 mins), and it felt pretty good. This is not a cardio thing, its for strengthening and "retraining"(whatever that is) the abs as well as a bit of general stretching etc thrown in.

Friday breakfast: small bowl of strawberry oat clusters with bannana, low-fat milk and 0% yoghurt. Half a grapefruit.
Lunch: Two pieces of wholemeal bread with gouda cheese, half a tomato, hummus. 2 handfuls of grapes. Cup of coffee. At this point I couldn't help but pull out the chocolate cake (homemade) from the freezer and cutting off a huge slice. Coffee always makes me crave sweet stuff. May have to limit intake.
Dinner - not sure what it will be yet but having consumed chocolate cake I'm committed to have no further regressions.

Friday exercise: 40 mins of power walking with the twin buggy. Would have been longer but one of the babies in the buggy started screaming out to be fed so had to power walk it home ASAP. Will try to do the postpartum exercise DVD again this evening.

Friday weigh in: 62.4 This is quite a bit lower than I was expecting given that I was 64 earlier in the week. Could be a fluke - may bounce back up tomorrow, but its encouraging anyway. Still, to me its less about the weight and more about the flummy so think I will add a waist measurement to my Friday weigh in. Feel free to follow suit all. Flummy (measured around belly button level) at 85.5cms. Sigh....

Overall comments: The main changes since I've started have been cutting out unncessary snacks ie. doing a mental check when I go to snack whether I'm really hungry or not. I find a lot of the time I'm actually thirsty or just bored. Of course I had a few unplanned sweet diversions.... The other major has been cutting out the beer. Up until starting this challenge I've been having a beer every night, usually before dinner. I'm going back to an old trick which is to replace the beer with a soda water with or without lemon juice. Soda water = zero calories. I'm not going to pretend its anything like as good as a beer but with its cold fizziness it does seem to satisfy my beer urges.


  1. Sara Says:
  2. yay going well for your first weigh in!

    do you make your own hummus? i have a jar of tahini in the fridge and a can of chickpeas in the cupboard so maybe i should make some as well!

    i just don't want to make a bunch or i will eat it before it "goes bad" how long would you sat it keeps for?

    ps where is your tesco store located?! there is a store near me that has some products but no museli or yummy strawberry cereal (i'm also in tokyo btw)

  3. gaijinwife Says:
  4. excellent - definite motivation for the next week! Ganbare.

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. I also find that I snack when I'm actually thirsty or bored, so drinking a glass of water and putting off the desire for food a bit helps a lot.

    I want to know where you get the tahini! I have some chick peas hanging around too waiting to be hummusified. You Tokyo girls are so spoiled.

    I make my own muesli. It's really yummy and I can add less sugar and lots more spices to make up for it.