Wednesday DK recovery day

Posted by Rachel Thursday, 19 August 2010
I gave myself a HUGE fright by deliberately standing on the scales in the evening AFTER dinner on Tuesday, which I think was a good idea as it frightened me into being very, very careful (apart from the DK blow-out, or rather, to balance out the blow-out). Over 79, it showed me! Happily back to 77.1 this morning, so up overall.

Breakfast: one weetbix, low-fat milk
Lunch: a boiled egg and one slice of wholegrain toast; yogurt and strawberry sauce.
Afternoon tea: more vegetable terrine, walnut dip and bread, and a custard cherry pastry. Friend came over so I had to whip out the dips again. She brought the pastry!
Dinner: small bowl of rice and beef stew, some eggplant with soy and ginger, and sweet potato with butter
Supper: two ?peacherines? I can't remember the name, but the label in the supermarket mentioned peaches and nectarines.


  1. anchan Says:
  2. I wasn't joking about the impact of DB on my weightloss!

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. Anchan, I am figuring that once a month, halving the recipes, giving it to the kids, sharing with the friend and her family, should, HOPEFULLY limit the damage. I don't want a life with no new yummy food, I want to learn how to enjoy such food and still keep an eye on my weight. Hence being careful with my breakfasts and dinners on that day, and the day before and after. I think my overall gain this week was not just DB, but the THREE dinners out over obon!

  5. anchan Says:
  6. I try to do just that, but when I taste the results of my efforts, all self control flies out of the window!