Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 10 August 2010
Breakfast: bowl of muesli
Morning tea: shouldn't have had the potato chips! Or the canned coffee!
Lunch: about 1/4 cup pumpkin and cheese sauce, chicken and gravy sandwich
Dinner: INTEND to eat one ham steak with a slice of pineapple, half a pita bread with steamed chicken and pesto. Peach for dessert. Will get back later so review my promises. I am eating too much for dinner again, so I need to limit the portion size. The best way to do that is decide, sensibly, beforehand what would be a reasonable amount to eat, then stick to it. That's the hard part. Hence the (semi) public statement of intention. Feel free to hassle me if I cheat, I need it!

I might add in a mouthful of the cold ramen, as I have never tasted it before, and would like to know what it tastes like, even if I have no intention of eating it because a) it's a noodle, and I'm not fond of noodles and b) it's a carb, and I am trying to skip carbs at dinner (except for the pita bread tonight, obviously!)

Exercise: none. No surprises there, as getting from computer to kitchen involves pain!

Edited to add: dinner - success. 3 mouthfuls of the ramen. still felt like quite a lot though.