Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 3 August 2010
Back to the grind. Breakfast, the very last muesli bar, and I'm not going to buy them again! I didn't have time for muesli, even for weetbix, what am I going to do for quick breakfasts now? I could make the banana oatmeal bar I suppose and freeze it in portions, but defrosting is not exactly quick, is it?

Lunch: take, ika, ebi and broccoli salad, 2 chicken, shiso and ume rolls and a boiled egg.

Have planned another 2 chicken, shiso and ume rolls for a snack before I go to work at 5pm. Going out for dinner tonight, no idea what that will entail, I'm calling for immunity!


  1. illahee Says:
  2. what about banana and yogurt for breakfast? are you looking for fiber/carbs? i have no idea...often we have rice krispies or cheerios, or my ever favorite, peanut butter sandwich.

    breakfast is actually difficult, because i don't want to cook first thing in the morning, but i also don't want chocolate chocolatey o's, either. i don't even want to make breakfast bars on sunday for the rest of the week...

    good luck, and let us know what you come up with!

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. I'm thinking of on-the-run food, you know, when you are literally running out the door, and you eat in the car! So a banana is an excellent idea, but the yogurt might be a bit hard. I don't think a banana would keep me satisfied for long though, what I love about the muesli etc is that I don't get hungry again for hours. At the moment it'll probably be peanut cookies, since I have a few lying around asking to be eaten!