Thursday and Friday

Posted by Rachel Thursday, 26 August 2010
Well, I quit the ratatouille on Wednesday due to being too busy to roast pepper, but decided to use up the creamed corn and make some fritters, only I had no eggs, so they were pretty bizarre fritters, but we just added salsa, they were okay! And made couscous instead of pasta. I'm not sure how couscous rates as a diet food, is it better than pasta or rice? Is it high in fibre or just like any other white carb?

Thursday muesli for breakfast, the meat mix and cousous for lunch, handful of nuts for afternoon tea (my usual food, back to my routine as I went back to work). Then a BIG handful of grated cheese while cooking. Dinner was about 3 chicken/ume/shiso things, plus ratatouille.

Friday weigh-in - 76.5! So, no loss of course, but I am relieved to see no gain. I don't really deserve it with all that eating, so it must show that my damage control is working - at least I am not going 'oh what the hell' and overeating all week just because I messed up a few days. At this rate I just might be able to see out the summer holidays with no gain, which is a bonus! Then maybe I can start exercising again in September. (I got the splint off my toe, but that has resulted in increased pain for the last day as I get used to it, so I still think I can't do much on it)

Friday breakfast, one weetbix and full-cream milk (had no lo-fat left, I found the fattiness of the full cream milk made me want to add sugar!). Lunch was meat and couscous again, a very small portion, plus some scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast.

Dinner tonight all bets are off - DH is taking me out for dinner for my b'day, and the kids will ALL be at Baachan's, woo-hoo! So don't expect me to be sensible.


  1. Violet Says:
  2. Happy Birthday! And no one could expect you to comply on your birthday - enjoy your night out!

  3. anchan Says:
  4. Happy Birthday - I hpoe you have a wonderful time!

    I have been wondering the same about couscous, I love the stuff and it is so easy to prepare. xxx

  5. Sara Says:
  6. Happy Birthday!! Its def. not a day to be counting calories, have a lovely dinner