Posted by Rachel Monday, 9 August 2010
Breakfast: pot of strawberry yogurt, the kind that's nearly purin, so yummy, but probably a bit too high in calories. Bought it on sale, so I really should avoid that shelf of the supermarket!

Lunch: I can't remember! I was home alone with Erica... that's right, I made her the most delicious fried rice ever, chucked in some edamame and some leftover ham and CHEESE. The cheese really made it and she gobbled it down, so I only got a mouthful. I had a slice of wholegrain toast and an omelet with edamame. Not a good idea. It was worth a try, but I think I prefer them on the side

Dinner: nothing. I made gnocchi for the kids, but didn't eat any as I was happy with my beer.

Drinks: too many beers!