Posted by Rachel Saturday, 7 August 2010
Muesli for breakfast finally! I love how it keeps me full. The kids were hungry when we got back from the doc's, but I wasn't. I fed them while I had a nice cup of tea, and at a little later

Lunch was so-so, from the supermarket. I limited myself to two fried things - one tiny spring roll and a renkon sandwich thing - two slices of renkon with some unidentifiable meat inside! Then two vingear salads, one harusame base, one cucumber base and a piece of simmered fish.

Dinner was packet chicken nuggets, Japanese style with ume and shiso, loads of edamame, and an egg omelet.

DESSERT: yup, did it again. Ice cream, home-made chocolate sauce (Amy: "why do I love your sauce so much Mum?" Me: "cos it's the BEST chocolate sauce ever!") plus berries and banana and nuts. Divine! And so very flummy rather than fabulous