Monday Tuesday

Posted by Rachel Wednesday, 25 August 2010
Waiting for the cheese toasties to cook. Yep, a BIG lunch again today, damn the school holidays!

I think I skipped breakfast on Monday, due to getting up too late - the hols have messed up my schedule. Lunch was scrambled eggs again, and I think I also found some chocolate to munch on. Can't remember - I have to do this food thing day by day! Dinner was definitely too much - leftover yakiniku, the fattiest marbled stuff, plus several, also fatty, butabara yakitori. And beer, LOADS of beer. Again.

So Tuesday once again I had to battle the hangover munchies, and am proud to say that I drove straight past McDonalds. Breakfast was toast, lunch was bread from the bakery, so not much better! Dinner was TACOS! Yum, but not exactly a good diet day.

I'm finding it hard this week. Last week of school holidays and totally out of energy to cook healthy meals. Birthday coming up this weekend, so I know that this weekend is going to be a write-off.

On the bright side though, while in the past I would have just eaten whatever I wanted in uncommonly large portions all week, just because it's my birthday, this time I am least realizing that I have to do the opposite, and eat LESS during the week to make up for it. So, while the food choices aren't the best, I am keeping a lid on portions and snacking.

My only goal for this week is to NOT go back up to 78 again. I am pretty much certain I won't be losing any!

Breakfast today was museli, lunch will be ONE toasted sandwich, dinner is going to be a kind of ratatouille with eggplant, green peppers and tomato; and pasta with meat sauce made from leftover taco mince (to which I added corn and red pepper so it's very veggie-full)