Heavy Obon

Posted by Gaijin Wife Monday, 16 August 2010
Didn't get round to weigh in on Friday as rudely interrupted by brother in law and his wife turning up from Shikoku with only two hours warning. Fuuuuuuck. Weekend was horrific. Guests the whole time and I would be very hard pressed trying to remember all the shit I ate and drank over the last 48 hours - actually the last week.

Weigh in today and I was back up to bloody 85kg which is no surprise really as have been very naughty but still - me thinks everything you consume over Obon is just really bloody heavy. I didn't even have a cup of tea Rachel so I have to blame it on the very heavy fried chicken, the extremely heavy cheese cake ...

I managed the Shred on Saturday which was day  6 in a row. I really wanted to get 30 days in a row but there was no window of opportunity yesterday so I think it will be the 30 day shred with Sundays off :D

To punish myself for such bad weigh in I tried level 2 today and quite surprisingly got through it with only doing the 'easier' moves for one of the  strength sections. Chuffed. I did have a two and a half minute break though which Jillian would have killed me for. Ryu was nutting out upstairs so I brought him down to his cut - we he could cry and I could do the last ten minutes knowing that at least he woudn't fall out of bed. Bad mummy.

Hub said from ages back that from today (post-Obon) he would start a health kick until his health-check at the end of the month. This is good, it means he wont bring beer home with him :D

Heres to a skinny week of salads and sunshine ladies.


  1. anchan Says:
  2. I'll join you in the salad eating... after tonight's pizza :-)

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. I don't know about the salads, as I am trying to not go anywhere the supermarket this week, to save money, so no fresh veges. Okay, maybe I'll send Amy to the neighborhood veg shop for some lettuce and cucumber and carrot only.

    I have to take tomorrow off though as me and friend are doing a delayed version of DB, we're doing a vegetable terrine, freshly baked bread and the CHOCOLATE PAVS