Friday Friday!

Posted by Sara Friday, 27 August 2010
I took my Shred Day off today instead of Sunday... too exhausted from job interview to obey Jillian and her sadistic commands for 30 minutes this afternoon. However I've been trying to take Sakura on a 30+ minute walk in the buggy pretty much everyday this week so I'll try and get on in today as well.

I actually was sort of naughty and bought a karaage sandwich and choco-danish for lunch on the way home from my interview... oh well Ryohei isn't around tonight so I'll try and have a carb-less dinner to make it for it.

I've been doing surprisingly well on the less snacking! Of course its only been 5 days... I am looking forward to my official weigh on Monday. I have a lot of weight to lose so its nice to see the huge water weight plus body being shocked initial loss.

I've sort of hurt my ankle from doing poorly landed butt kicks on my dvd :( I am wondering maybe I should subsitute them with either jumping jacks or jump rope on the cardio portion and hope my ankle will heal.. I know if I take more than 1 day off from the DVD it will be VERY hard to keep it up.

Have a happy and healthy weekend all <3


  1. Sara Says:
  2. sorry for the more horrible than usual spelling. my brain is fried from 30 min + interview in japanese hell

  3. I injured myself twice doing the shred - both times on D2 of L2! Both in places I have a weakness. I bought a back support and since I have had knee problems too I bought some sexy knee supports as well.Can you imagine how I look working out wearing all that?! - LOL!
    The Shred can be hard on the joints so I'd recommend getting supports for anywhere you've been injured before.
    Time to get some sexy ankle supports perhaps!
    Take care and don't rush back - you don't want to get worse. I know a lot who repeat the shred so if you have to take time off don't beat yourself up, just tell yourself you're starting over. I am when I get back from NZ!

  4. Sara Says:
  5. thanks for the advice!!

    do you know anywhere in japan where you can buy supports and what they are called here??

    (i'm incredibly unathletically challenged if you can't tell!)

  6. Corrina Says:
  7. I got mine from a big supermarket/department store in the sports section. I remember they had ankle supports. (サポーター)If you head to a sports section somewhere you should be able to find something - if I can here you should be able to in Tokyo!

    You've only been injured once, so I still hold the title of athletically challenged!! ;-) (I don't mind holding on to it if it means you don't get hurt again!!)

    Btw- if your ankle is warm/hot -use ice but if it's not inflamed use warmth/heat. If it's not bad enough to go to the doc some shippu may give some relief :)

    Hope you feel better soon! xx

  8. gaijinwife Says:
  9. good luck for monday weigh in.

    I know what you mean where you think you might cave in and call it a day with the Shred if you miss more than one. Ganbare.