Daring Kitchen Day...

Posted by Rachel Wednesday, 18 August 2010
...so don't expect any virtuous eating!

Breakfast, a handful of walnuts while making the walnut butter!

Lunch, a handful of potato chips

Afternoon tea, and herein lies the damage: Harumi's divine sourdough bread with the vegetable terrine and walnut and bean dip, plus the chocolate pavlovas with mascarpone mousse and mascarpone cream - I had two!

Plus 3 low-cal happoshus when some other friends dropped by later on, then two mouthfuls of rice, a couple of bites of simmered fish and four chicken nuggets for tea.


  1. anchan Says:
  2. hehehe... I found the mousse to be irresitible! I think I gained a whole kilo thanks to that challenge :-)

  3. illahee Says:
  4. i need me some sourdough bread!! i want to make my own but i just can't be bothered to make it!

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. I have some sourdough left in the freezer, so come and get it! Harumi's amazing. A couple of months ago she made her own YEAST! Now THAT was an incredible loaf of bread!