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Posted by Gaijin Wife Saturday, 28 August 2010
Hi Ladies.

I am in the middle of changing the blog to

it will mean you can't 'follow' the blog but you can still get updates sent to you. It works better for comments and for having everything categorized by name on the sidebar. It also means we can password protect before and after photos if we want to - or any post that we like for that matter. If we do this I would prefer that only authors get the password and people who are just interested don't. Unless of course you want to publicly put the pics up which is fine too.

Anyway can you have a look at the new site - tell me what you think - try and ignore the huge photo of a hard boiled egg at the top :) It's a work in progress. But I was starting to think that bit of chocolate cake was a bad omen and just looking at it every time I opened the blog was adding hundred of grams and cm to my flummy. So, for the sake of the world of flummies I have decided to go healthy on the pic too :D

Like me.

Sorry I haven't posted for about a week. Translation, petit fours, the shred, life got in the way and I will try harder next week. I was unto 83.8 kg again on Friday though but still optimistic that I can sort this rut out and get into the seventies by the end of September. I tried on a pair of size 12 jeans I could fit a month after Shou was born - and it was heinous. Very motivating.

Still Shredding though. Day 17 or 18. God, I have lost count. I really want to get to the 30 and once I have I will start on the other DVD I got with the Shred - a 40 minute Jillian workout that I don't think is quite so sadistic - touch wood.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

- Oh and I managed to get all the posts and comments transferred from here to wordpress but it came out with gaijinwife as the author - if you look down the bottom of each post it has the name as a category but for some reason I'm not a category, neither was Bryn, and whatnot so I still need to go through and write the correct person. I'm pretty sure that once you are all authors though it will come up fine.

Let me know.



  1. Rachel Says:
  2. Okay, so how do I write a post? Will it appear in my blogger dashboard? If not, can I email a post, because I don't want to have to log out of blogger and back in again every day.

    We had name tags because we added them ourselves to our posts on the 'edit posts' page. I think it's those tags that have followed through, and Bryn and you never got around to making one, or know how to or whatever.

    So, did our tags carry through to Wordpress? If they did, you could go back to blogger, tag all yours, then re-import them.

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. I think I've just invited you to the wordpress site. Can you let me know if it works. Thanks.
    I don't think it will appear in your blogger dashboard but I'm not sure.

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. I've successfully made a Wordpress ID, I think you have to invite me to join the blog now. Not sure, but there are no blogs on my Wordpress dashboard, so I guess I'm not there yet!

  7. anchan Says:
  8. I thought I'd left a comment here the other day, but it seems to have disappeared... weird...

    What do I need to do? I just noticed that people have started posting on the wordpress blog, so is this one over and done with now? How do I post there?

  9. gaijinwife Says:
  10. Hi anchan.

    I invited everyone to wordpress - sent to you cakesagoogoo yahoo uk account. You have to sort that and then I can then invite you as a user. Bit of a huh but shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes. I sent the invite to wordpress last week sometime so might need to check back through the emails.

    let me know if it hasn't come.


  11. anchan Says:
  12. Aha! OK, just checked, got the invite and created a user name (couldn't get anchan so went with cakesagoogoo). Over to you, GW!

  13. gaijinwife Says:
  14. Hi anchan. I just invited you to be an author - you should be able to get in and post something now. Can you please add anchan as the category every time you create a post. thanks.