Catch Up

Posted by Gaijin Wife Monday, 23 August 2010
Sorry it's been a while!

I have been shredding every day - up to day 14. I'm pretty impressed with self for actually doing it every day so far. Now that I am nearly half way I think I will get to the whole 30 day. Last weigh in I was 82.8kg which is the lowest I have been so far. I am really hanging out for the seventies. And when I am there I am on your tail Rachel. Watch out. Will Shred myself past you baby.

Illahee is in hospital - hopefully getting the heaviest kidney and gall stones in the history of kidney and gall stones taken out. All the best for a quick recovery Illahee. I have no idea what it all involves but hope it goes as smoothly as possible and that you aren't bunking in that hospital room with three small children. Instead I hope you have a good book or ten and can catch up on some down time. How dramatic. Getting admitted to hospital to get some down time :D

We may have a new flummy to fabulous friend starting today or tomorrow but I'll wait till she posts to introduce herself. She is coming down to in a month. She has started the Shred to so just might have to have a shred-off at the end of September - babies and husbands underfoot.

I haven't been eating particularly well and have still been drinking beer, chuhai and wine. Some family issues and up goes the eating. Need to get out of the house more - just as soon as I've finished my first daring baker's challenge. Looks like it will take a couple of days so I need to start tonight to get it done in time!! Will have to invite some friends over to help me eat them.


  1. Sara Says:
  2. Good on you keeping up with the Shred. I am AFRAID of level 2 and can't even think of the sure hell that will be level 3.

    I have NO doubt by the time I see you you will be fabulously in the 70s!! Keep up the great work!

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. At least if you keep up with the Shred you can probably squeeze in the DB challenge without too much damage...

    I was joking to illahee on the phone today that she has SO won the flummy challenge this week:

    breakfast: nothing
    lunch: nothing
    dinner: nothing

    illahee, you deserve a whole month of immunity after this!

  5. Corrina Says:
  6. Wow you're doing so great with the shred!! I have put it away for now as it's just a few days until I'm up to Fukuoka and then off to NZ and I'm afraid of CFS crashing.(doing pilates instead) When I return you will have finished before me!! 0_0!
    When I'm back and it cools down I am going to restart C25K (and re-do the shred). Maybe you'll need a new challenge and want to join me? :)

  7. anchan Says:
  8. Keep going! You are doing so well, putting me to shame!

    I scaled my challenge recipe down a little, and it was still huge. We (6 of us) only managed to eat half, and I stuck what was left in the freezer to eat the next day (was very lucky to have room in the freezer, it took up rather a lot of space), so yes, inviting friends over is a good idea! xxx

  9. Violet Says:
  10. Hi GW
    I'm keen to join the F2F challenge. It's not my weight I'm concerned abuot so much as the flummy - a result of the twins I'm afraid. But I guess I'll need to lose some weight to lose the flummy, although I def need to exercise too. What do I do to join?

  11. gaijinwife Says:
  12. Hi Violet :)

    I will send you an invite to join now. after that it is posting as little or as much as you want. I have been slack but try to update once a week. There is meant to be before and after shots after four months - and as my first four months comes closer I am thinking about moving to wordpress and having these password protected for authors only.

    Thoughts on this other authors??

    Weigh in is meant to be Friday but busy lives mean this is flexible. You should take it easy. You've only just had the twins. Hope all is going well.

    Look forward to having you.