august 5, 2010

Posted by illahee Friday, 6 August 2010
took the kids to uminonakamichi today, so again, though i didn't formally exercise, i got a lot of walking done today, with weight (let's see: diaper bag with dipes, two changes of clothes for tommy plus two pairs of training pants (hurray for potty training??), misc. things you have in a diaper bag that tend to make the bag weigh twenty pounds *and* stuff bag with three bath towels, swimming togs for the kids (i love the word 'togs') and a rather large book for me to read when i had the chance. sadly, there was no sunscreen in either bag, because 1) we left it at home and 2) the stuff i paid too much for at the conbini was left in my purse/bag which i left in my car! silly illy!) anyway, i was very sore in the evening so must have done some good. however, the bad:

breakfast: peanut butter & jelly sandwich
lunch: (eaten early) hokka-ben karaage bento (the 'special' with extra chicken), coke
snack: left over ice cream the boys didn't eat, plenty of cola zeros through the day
dinner: mcdonald's (*while* the kids were sleeping in the car so an extra treat!) chicken fillet sandwich with fries and a coke, plus apple pie. finally caved in to my period-induced cravings. but hey, i 'skipped' dinner (which was chili) that i had made for the kids.

i shouldn't have done the mickey-d's but it's been SO LONG that all three kids were asleep at the same time, plus we were still miles from the house and i was hungry, so there you go. i did get to eat in peace *and* read a book (albeit in the car) so i regret nothing!

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  1. Rachel Says:
  2. I hate that I always forget SOMETHING really important!

    Sounds like your very special lonely book-reading McD's treat was worth it.

    And yay for a convert to 'togs'! So convenient cos it covers all the varieties!