august 2, 2010

Posted by illahee Tuesday, 3 August 2010
pretty average day. no exercise, plenty of soda, enough water. the beginning of shark week, so i'm actually patting myself on the back for NOT going to micky-d's although i craved it ALL DAY.

breakfast: peanut butter sandwich & milk
lunch: oden from 7-11, coke, cola zero
snack: left over chicken from saturday night (yakiniku)
dinner: meatloaf sandwich (i made tofu hambaagu for dinner but found a lonely leftover one from last week so i ate it. otherwise yoshi would pull it out of the fridge and 'lecture' me. whatever.) and a bit of pumpkin salad.
also had one small glass of umeshu & sparkling water.

looking for that miracle* babysitter so i can go to the pool by myself....

*one that works for free but is awesome with kids and i can trust.