august 18, 2010

Posted by illahee Thursday, 19 August 2010
not a good day, especially considering the misudo i had the day before.

not going to list everything today, just admit that i went to mcdonald's for lunch. i had gone to the shopping center and the kids wanted ice cream. that's fine, i don't need ice cream but big macs are on special! *sigh* not a huge big mac fan but i do like hamburgers. ok, that's it, no more micky-d's for the rest of the month!

i'm afraid my weight is going to be up on friday's weigh in...

i have a lot of excuses right now (no time because of kids. i just CAN'T get up at five every day just to go walking. i wish i could, but i can't. and i CAN'T get up when the kids go to bed--because i have to lie down with them--and during the day it's too hot, the kids are in the way and otherwise i just can't. i want to write down right here that i will work on finding time to exercise once hiro and sasha go back to school. promise!

there's a blogger who has recently lost a lot of weight and i really admire her! i just wanted to share her blog here, if that's alright! cutie booty cakes do check her out and see how well she's done!