august 11, 2010

Posted by illahee Thursday, 12 August 2010
my apologies, i just wrote a post meant for my personal blog, but posted it here. if you saw it, just forget it! lol

on this morning i woke up very early regretting the amount of alcohol i had taken the night before. i gotta remember i'm not 25 any more! lol i didn't have breakfast straight away although did manage to eat tommy's crab-shaped sausage, which he didn't want, and then a slice of pizza later in the morning. otherwise i concentrated on the water, aquarius, cola zero and coffee to perk me up!

lunch was at joyfull (where i got a shock that they were in obon mode and no lunch specials!) and had chicken doria with drink bar (no soup).

snack was pretzels again, and cola zero.

i didn't have very much dinner. made somen for the kids and there wasn't much left in the fridge for me. that's ok, though, because i was just ready to go to bed and restore my energy.

no exercise (lots of driving!) and probably not enough water.

am not sure about weigh-in tomorrow....