august 10, 2010

Posted by illahee Wednesday, 11 August 2010
visit GW day!

breakfast was 'steak' sandwich (left-over yakiniku from the weekend) and pumpkin soup.

snack in the car was pretzels and cola zero. skipped lunch as we couldn't stop anywhere because i had food in the car, and am not a big fan of onigiri (and was kinda full from pretzels anyway.) dinner was....lasagna, pizza, yakitori and i'll edit later if more comes to me, also had a beer or two.

also had three glasses of sparkling wine (and i *know* i need to stop at two!) a few G&T's, a screwdriver and damn if i can remember anything after that. also had fabulous appetizer snacks made by GW. so delicious! oh, i vaguely remember having a slice of pizza in the middle of drinking, too....

i think this day was my free day!


  1. Rachel Says:
  2. Wow, more like a free-for-all day! Sounds like fun. I hate combini food too, these days I often make sandwiches before I leave home.

  3. illahee Says:
  4. i can't let the kids have sandwiches in the car (that is, i don't want to clean up the aftermath) those these days onigiri isn't much better (which is what i got them for lunch). i should probably not travel with food in the summer!