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Posted by Sara Monday, 23 August 2010
Hi all, I'm the new "friend" that GW posted about earlier. You may know me as the princess of rice, escaper of the inaka... or just as Sara =)

Today marks the start of my healthier life journey and where as I am taking it 1 month at a time, I am committed to 4 months (so until around Christmas) of keeping accountable to this blog and to myself.

A bit of background on me:
I've NEVER been skinny, as in like conventionally skinny, I've actually hate weight issues since puberty. I joined weight watchers at the hefty weight of 85kg or so when I was 13! Through sports and various (ahem) not so conventional dieting methods I did manage to get down to about 68kg by the end of high school and stayed roughly within a 3-4kg of that range until about 2 years ago when I got married and started eating more and snacking, doesn't help my husband is a sweet-a-holic which is a huge weekness of mine. Add in 1 baby, 1 year being very depressed about my living situation, and really low willpower and you get the disaster that is now 99kg (god did i actually type that :( :( :( ) of me.

My goals: short-term - fit back into my pre-2008 clothes.. I could probably start doing this at around 85kg or so, so that is my first real goal.
long-term: get back to at least 70kg... depending on how I look/feel at that point this could be readjusted but I don't see myself ever being able to get to less than 65kg.

Starting today actually, I am cutting out all sweets and limiting white bread/rice and trying to get in a fruit or veggie with every meal of the day. And I am on Day 5 of "The Shred" I really enjoy it, I still have to motivate myself to turn it on but once I am in the groove I can pull through to the end. I may do 12 days (6 days for 2 weeks) of each level because the first one is still tough and I fear the 2nd level.

The absolute cutting out of sweets is only a 30 day thing (for now) I'm just curious if and how much of a difference it would make in my weight since I am a comfort eater and a snacker (esp. at night)

Looking forward to making progress with you ladies and having a fabulous picture to post around Christmas/New Years!


  1. gaijinwife Says:
  2. welcome! Posting it out there is the first big step. You'll notice that the rest of us haven't lost huge amounts of weight yet but overall it has been a positive thing and I have big hopes for myself at least. It is getting down to the wire cause I promised before and after pictures after four months. Shit. Might have to post that before you come and then blowout :D

    Or you could come all the way to Oita and we could do a three day air and shred-athon.


    Well, air, WINE and shred and I might be twisted.

    70 is a good goal. I guarantee once you make it there you will want to see that 6 though. Me too. Haven't seen a six at the start sine pre any babies.

    Bring it on and good luck!

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. Hi Sara, and Welcome!

    Congratulations for just getting started! Your goals sound reasonable and doable.

    What kind of sweets do you like? I am, personally, completely obsessed with chocolate. To start with, I limited it to once a day, and I ate chilli chocolate, because I could only eat two squares! It worked to keep the cravings under control though. The next step was to eat fruit instead, and I still eat only fruit in the evening, in fact I've started to PREFER it, and not feel good at all eating chocolate at night, which a huge step forward for me!

    So, just wanted to say, I hope for you too, that the sweets habit can be conquered.

    I'm still working on the bread thing though...

  5. Hi- nice to read about another shredder! I'm a follower here..I am on my own weight loss/ toning journey but according to the rules I can't join.. (泣)

    All the best on your journey xx

  6. anchan Says:
  7. Hi Sara, welcome to the group!

    I can relate to a lot of what you wrote. I'm so glad you've joined us, there is power in numbers! xxx

  8. gaijinwife Says:
  9. Corrina - the rule meaning the how much weight you have to lose rule? That was set at the start so it wouldn't just be me and a whole lot of skinny chicks wanting to lose 2kg :D

    There shouldn't be a rule on healthy eating and exercise though so if you would like to join let me know and I'll invite you to be an author. You've always got a lot of good advice so maybe you would motivate me/us in a skinnier direction.....

  10. Sara Says:
  11. Thanks for the warm reception all :)

    I say if we all make our goals we splurge on a Okinawa beach trip san children!