The weigh-in

Posted by anchan Friday, 30 July 2010
Wow, surprised to see a loss today - 66.9kg! Very happy :-) Now I just need to keep things up... but we have friends coming for lunch tomorrow for a birthday party... and a very dangerous dessert...


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Yay!! Good on you. You were sure you weren't going to be having a decrease this week. At least the festivities are over the weekend and you still have four days nest week to counter attack the dangerous dessert....

    Have a good weekend.

    (oh, and I haven't heard back from DBC - I applied one day after the application deadline last month. Hmmmmm. Perhaps I didn't do it right. If I don't get the challenge for August I'll contact them again.)

  3. anchan Says:
  4. Hmmm, have you tried to log on to the Daring Kitchen forums? The challenge doesn't get sent to us, it just gets posted there. Maybe you can access it? When I joined there wasn't a website as such, so the signing up process has probably changed... I hope you are in - can't wait to hear what we are in for in August!