Weigh in 8/17 and Shred Day II

Posted by Gaijin Wife Friday, 30 July 2010

This is only a 400gram loss since last week but it was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't going to get on the scales this morning as I have only done level 1 of the Shred twice and I get despondent (look for excuses) very easily

I am hurting in places I haven't hurt in for well over five years. Probably longer as even when I was running a lot that was pretty much all I was doing and so I was thinner and healthier but my shoulders, back, abs, inner thighs, rah rah weren't getting a pounding. Everything hurts today. I thought briefly about not doing it today and tried to tell myself doing it every second day would be fine. But it isn't called the every second day Shred so I sorted my shit together and did it - after walking the kids to kinder which I think helped me as kickass hour long warm-up - that by the way uses up 13,000 steps in one go.

Jullian is great - she tells you at exactly the moments when you are feeling like a break...

Don't take a break now. You chose to only exercise for twenty minutes and THERE ARE NO BREAKS in a twenty minute workout.

You want the easy version for a star-jump?? THERE IS NO EASY VERSION. suck it up.

I try not to actually stop but I must admit my press-ups (girlie version) are slower than there pace and I'm probably only doing half the amount at the moment. The lunges and the squats get me too. I thought that my can of chilly and pack of four canned tuna wouldn't be heavy enough but for the first few days they are FINE - I can feel the muscles in my arms. Nice to know. I don't ever want Madonna arms but losing a layer or three off the bingo wings would be nice. I might graduate the chilli and tuna and move up to 500 ml pet bottles filled with water at the end of the week. I have 'real' weights upstairs but they can stay there for a little while yet.

So that's my Shred breakdown. 2 days down 28 to go...

Just as I was thinking I would try and have a non-alcohol weekend the delivery man rocks up (at 8:30am this morning) with a box of Asahi bottles from the lady at the temple next door - a summer gift. SIGH. I am USELESS if it's in the house. I have offered it to the god's for the time being and hopefully I'll forget about it....

yeah right.


  1. anchan Says:
  2. Awesome work, GW! I am in awe of you exercising in this heat. I am counting housework as my exercise for the next month.

    I love it when I hurt the day after a workout - I know it's working!

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. Thanks!! The walk to kinder is HOT HOT HOT but today I did the Shred with the aircon on :) I like the 'pain' after exercise. It is a reminder of what you have done and why you are doing it - and the best evidence that it is working.

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. Sit down and drink all those Asahis in one shot, then you'll be rid of them, ha ha ha, and probably in such pain that you won't want another for a month! Well that's one backward method of going teetotal.

  7. illahee Says:
  8. LOL

    save some asahi for me!


    sort of....