Weigh in 6/16

Posted by Gaijin Wife Friday, 9 July 2010

Which is still more than the 83.8kg I got down to last month but is 1kg less than last weigh in which means....

that Billy is a rock star.

And of course my superbly healthy eating (yeah right), exceedingly rock solid will power (LOL), and  box of laxatives - just joking. Although must admit thought about it once years ago and then realized that I live too far in the middle of fricken nowhere and having to be near a toilet 24/7 would mean no going out to play as anywhere is a good half hour in the car.

Anyhoo, I have done Billy (the first mission) three times since dusting the DVD off four days ago. I still haven't done the whole 43 minutes but today I got up to 39 minutes AND EVEN DID THE SQUATS. Yay me. I didn't put a hole in the floorboards and in fact I didn't even wake the baby.

I have walked the kids to kinder three days this week too so all in all a lot more exercise than usual. I need to exercise and the more I do the more I want to do. I have realized though that I feel OK after doing the kinder walk but it is the sweat pouring down my face cardio (Billy) that amps me up and makes me feel really good. I also have to get changed into exercise gear to be able to get my knees and legs up for kicks and things and seeing my flummy and wobbly bits in all their glory in shorts is enough to motivate me to keep going.

Need to get back to food logging too.

Having friends over for dinner and drinks tonight but hopefully I can be good over the weekend. Hub away at election stuff tomorrow so that means no lunch date - also means I can do Billy again without him laughing at me. Not that he does really and it would just be rude coming from him - the most uncoordinated man ever. He has noticed the box under the sofa though.... he's probably just waiting for some results now.


  1. Corrina Says:
  2. You guys are doing great, it's all about the long term healthy choices etc etc.

    I was just wondering if you'd recommend Billy? I've been doing the 30 day shred, but that's mostly for toning and for the life of me can't drop the last 5kg that all went to my butt.(would like not to be all butt in my jeans when I go back to NZ in September...)
    Have been doing 5-6k on my bike as well to make it an even 60min of exercise per day but I have seen Billy in so many recycle shops for as little as 300yen, that if you and illahee recommend him I might pick one up to see if that shakes things up.
    And I think it's finally time for me to put down the shochu. (big sigh!)
    Hope you had a better weigh in day than me!! xx

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. Corinna - I really like Billy - really gets a sweat up and is quite interesting and not that much of a load of bollocks. I don't end up thinking I have had a good butt workout though - really gets my arms and upper chest more - although I haven't graduated on to the next level though.

    If you can get one (with the bands) for 300 yen I would. Definitely worth a god :) Good luck.