Weekend (July 3-4)

Posted by Rachel Monday, 5 July 2010
The scales are not my best friend this morning! I need those ones back at the hotel, they were so cool - they weighed illahee SIXTEEN kilos lighter than normal! Actually that was a bit much, so we knew it was wrong. Scales that weigh you 2-3kgs lighter than normal would be better, then you could believe it!

Well at least I had some really yummy food!

Saturday breakfast was a boiled egg and a banana on the train, with a coffee (with sugar)
Breakfast No.2 (yep, already off the rails!) a ham and maribo cheese roll from Starbucks and a cappuccino.
Morning tea: Cafe Mocha from Starbucks
Lunch: buffet, but only one serve, plus a small bowl of curry, and deserts - four tiny servings and some fruit salad. You know Japanese buffet dessert sizes, right, about a forkful?
Afternoon tea, 2 chocolate almonds, a chocolate muffin and a mocha from Doutor
Dinner: 2 glasses of champagne, 2 beers, then 3 more at karaoke, plus 2 more back at the hotel for a nightcap. Bread and olive oil (2 bits, meaning Japanese-size 'bits', very small.) gazpacho, beef pasta, chicken, dessert. Very delicious, TINY portions!

Sunday breakfast: hotel breakfast, 3 slices ham, slice of fat Japanese bread, butter, about 1/2 cup scrambled eggs, handful of potato wedges, cup of tea.
Coke at McDonald's then a cup of tea at a cafe
Lunch: okonomiyaki: one okonomiyaki.
Afternoon tea: Starbucks cappuccino, ham and maribo roll.
Dinner: bag of potato chips and cafe mocha from Starbucks. I had an ekiben but the person I was sitting next to was so big I couldn't eat it. I don't much like eating when there is a stranger sitting next to me on the train, but he was also causing me to have to squeeze up to the window to escape his over-flowing shoulders and thighs. (and before you think you were like that illahee, you are NOT! You may be a little big right now, but you have a small frame so you fit in the seat. This guy was tall and broad as well)
Supper No. 2 boiled eggs and canned coffee on the sonic. Banana later on at home.

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  1. illahee Says:
  2. i had a seat partner the whole way back, too, but he was a skinny little japanese guy so i didn't the same problem! i also left so early that i didn't eat on the train, either.

    i think i did pretty good until i got back to hakata, food wise....