Weekend (July 10-11)

Posted by Rachel Monday, 12 July 2010
76.3 (or 76.8) on the scales this morning, which I don't deserve after the weekend pig-outs. Camembert on the pizza and ham tucked inside the crust DID make it onto the weekend menu, along with ice cream, twice!

I think I was helped by that semi-plan, or just the reminder that just because it was the weekend, that didn't mean it was a free-for-all, so I watched the portion sizes and tried to be sensible when I wasn't pigging out, if that makes any sense at all. No doubt it also helped that I have a slight summer cold with an upset tummy.

So, how did that plan go?
Saturday: breakfast: I switched to a weetbix with rhubarb, as I was going to the dentist for a cleaning and didn't want them to spend the whole time picking nuts and oatmeal out of my teeth.
Lunch: as planned, but I had bigger pieces of brown bread instead of my usual wholegrain, plus a few handfuls of grated cheese from the packet, and one corner of Amy's cheese omelet, and Erica's crusts again, but only two this time. Kids! I blame them for all of it, of course.
Snack: oops. Jelly donuts. I can resist Mr Donut, but this was a new variety. Split 2 between 4 of us, but Erica only ate half of her half, so I ate the other half, which makes 3/4, which is ? calories. Lots, anyway.
Dinner: beef and onion stew with a little rice, ice cream for dessert. Knowing I would not be able to resist the ice cream, I had less for dinner.

Breakfast: muesli bar
Lunch: was early, 11am, I had one of Amy's egg sandwiches , and half a piece of pizza bread. The models got given sandwiches, the mums had to get their own, so I went to the bakery. Had the conversation I'm sure all of you who live in Japan have had so many times you want to throttle the next person who says it:

Me: (offering last sandwich to other Mum) Would you like this sandwich?
Her: No thanks. (indicates the sushi she has bought)
Her: Would you like some sushi?
Me: No thanks. (indicate the bread I've bought)
Her: So, you don't like rice, then?
Me: (through gritted teeth when I really want to kill her) YES I like rice, but I'm full right now as I just ate this!

I hate hate HATE how I feel obliged to accept every piece of Japanese food offered to me, so it's not assumed that I don't like it, or worse, that I "can't" eat it, whatever that means.

Snack: ice cream sundae at 31, plus the last four bites of Lena's crepe, plus the last four bites of Erica's sundae. Kids!!!
Dinner: the pizza, which was very rich, at least I won't be tempted to order it again. So that's that over and done with. Had extra potato balls and cheese balls too. Three pieces of pizza, one margarita and two camembert with ham in the crust ones. Two left over, I hope to cram them into the kids' mouths this afternoon in order to punish them for forcing so much bad food down my throat all weekend.

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  1. illahee Says:
  2. it's the kids i tell ya!!