weekend 4 (july 24 & 25)

Posted by illahee Monday, 26 July 2010
a VERY busy weekend!!

on saturday we drove to oita-ken for loads of fun. first we went to kijima kogen and was there just after it opened. spent the whole day and then went to yufuin to stay the night. fun fun fun.

breakfast was bread heels and cheese, with oolong tea. morning snack was the lunch i had brought (tuna salad, cheese, fruit (which i didn't get a chance to eat), crackers and carrot sticks with blue cheese dressing. lunch was some curry at a AYCE curry buffet (wasn't great, but i had curry, karaage, 2 small ebi furai and a korokke) with oolong tea. i had a cola or two during the day (it was so hot and we drank all the tea we brought with us! plus i needed the burst of energy from the caffeine and sugar!) dinner was at the youth hostel (always excellent!!): buta shogayaki (with loads of ginger), cabbage/salad, soup, rice, creamy pumpkin salad (very spicy!) and probably something else i can't recall. all with water. ended the day with a 97yen chuhai from cosmos and shared a beer with yoshi.

exercise was walking around the park maybe three times, plus going in the splash pool with hiro sasha (didn't get down and play myself, but it's more work walking in water than not.)

sunday we got up bright and early. it helped that i fell asleep at 8 pm the night before! breakfast was scrambled eggs, simmered tofu and veggies, salad, sausage (little octopus, only one of which i got to eat), rice and miso soup. there was also a bit of pineapple but the kids got to it first.

on the way to rachel's house, had a cola zero and tried a new mini oreo (chocolate creme), but only had two. later had a bit of fried chicken. plenty of snacks during the day! lunch was lovely, i had some chicken pie and goodness know what else! was great, though and didn't worry too much about calories. also had ice cream and other treats, coke, cola zero, tea and juice. later on had some chicken 'sticks', delicious!

no exercise, but i was pretty tired from the day before!