weekend 2 (july 10 & 11, 2010)

Posted by illahee Sunday, 11 July 2010
no exercise on saturday.

went to joyfull in the morning, had the hambaagu morning special ('hambaagu', egg, salad, rye bread) with soup bar.

when i got home everyone had already eaten lunch so i had a peanut butter sandwich during nap time.

dinner was somen for the kids and i think i just skipped the whole thing (i wasn't very hungry and feeling a bit guilty about the joyfull in the morning). this doesn't seem like very much but i can't remember anything else (i should have posted yesterday.)

no exercise today, except for walking around tenjin.

got up early and went to coin laundry. went to a new one near the station so got boiled eggs (like what rachel shared with me last week) and bread. they had 'american' cinnamon rolls so i got one, but it was rather bland with too much frosting, so i didn't eat all of it.

drove to tenjin in the morning to investigate a mexican restaurant. got there too early to actually eat lunch, so went to subway for a turkey sandwich.

snack was chicken ramen with an egg.

dinner: simmered cabbage and pork (actually mixed beef and pork), rice, miso soup, sliced tomato, 1/3 ear corn on the cob (with a touch of butter).

plenty of water over the weekend, no booze!


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. no booze weekend - well done!! I need me one of those.

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. That pork and cabbage looks good, I think I'll put that on the menu list this week.

    I also bought a cinnamon roll, but froze it for 'later'. I should remember to just make this stuff myself, then I can get the flavors just right, no disappointment.

    I had to laugh, you went to Mexican and ended up at Subway. So you! I think they should open a Subway next door to you, so you can eat it every day and get it out of your system! Or open one next to me, then you'd come visit me more often.

    (I got the fish to eat my feet yesterday, so ticklish and fun!)

  5. illahee Says:
  6. i promised yoshi i'd be back by one, so i couldn't have the mexican. when i checked the internet i could have sworn it opened for lunch at one!! LOL

  7. illahee Says:
  8. i mean, opened for lunch at 11...