weekend 1 (july 3 & 4, 2010)

Posted by illahee Monday, 5 July 2010
i am just gonna lump the weekend together, since i went to osaka and didn't have internet access.

i think i did fairly well, though i did have a few colas. well, not on saturday, but i had a 500mL and a little one (how much are those little bottles? 250? 300?) on sunday. i also got a very big mocha from starbucks on saturday but i really needed the caffeine. i think i'll do a run-down:


breakfast: mixed nuts, oolong tea, a boiled egg (kindly given by rachel)
breakfast 2: ham & cheese sandwich and grande mocha from starbucks

lunch: buffet (i tried to keep portions small, partly for losing weight and partly because we already paid for our dinner that evening!) juice, water

dinner: italian set (five courses? check rachel's post below, i had the same), two glasses sparkling wine, one nama-beer at karaoke

i did really well (though i say it myself) with snacking on this day. the mixed nuts at breakfast were too salty, but it was better than a snickers bar! during the meeting cookies and chocolates were passed around but i didn't have any. i also got a bottle of water and a bottle of aquarius in the afternoon. not quite a great day water wise (although i drank a lot between courses at dinner.)


breakfast: 1/2 subway sandwich (not the foot long), roast beef, double meat. extra olives, easy on the mayo. i had a cola with it.

snack: on the shink i had the two cokes i mentioned above

lunch: big mac, chicken nuggets (with mustard sauce), fries, cola zero. left half the fries and big mac on the tray. (it was a special set; i had been planning on just a burger/fries/drink set but i just love the chicken *sigh*)

afternoon snack: after micky-d's i figure i better be good, so i only had a amino water drink (like a sports drink) on the bus home.

dinner: salad with blue cheese dressing, tofu with negi and soy sauce, two gyoza (that was for the kids, made in the oven so no extra oil) and i think that's it.

lots of water drunk after i got home.

the scale was not kind to me this morning but i'm pretty sure it's because of the mcdonald's i had for lunch yesterday. hopefully all water weight from the salty food! i got quite a bit of exercise, especially on sunday. i walked for nearly an hour before finding subway (i walked past it and had to go back) and it was probably 15 or 20 minutes back to the hotel! then i walked around hakata and tenjin with an extremely heavy pack on my back so i am hoping that is good for the weekend.

(apologies for the long post, trying to pack two days in one!)

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  1. tj-injapan Says:
  2. just wanted to send you all on flummy-to-fabulous more encouragement for the month of july!!

    I think blogging about it is a great idea - even if it means just stopping to think about whether to grab that beer/cake/cookie/soda or not, it means that you are conciously thinking about all you choices! yay. baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

    as for me, i am now raiding my husbands wardrobe as none of my summer shorts fit me - damn this post-baby flummy!!!