Posted by Rachel Wednesday, 28 July 2010
Muesli for breakfast! Finally made it, but forgot I had made it yesterday!

Lunch: Coddled eggs:
And the recipe:
This is from a recipe calendar hanging above my stove, so I've been eyeing up this dish for weeks!

Snack: banana, handful of mixed snacks (doritos, popcorn, cheezos or whatever they are called)

Dinner: lasagne. GOOOD! Absolutely NO seconds, and while I 'tidied' the dish of scraps, Erica ate half of them.

Dessert: The very last brandy snaps, with cream. They are gone, phew! Back to the grind!

I was 77.1 this morning, up 500g from my best, but not as bad as I thought after all that partying!

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  1. anchan Says:
  2. Lasagna is my favourite. There would be no left-overs.