Posted by Rachel Wednesday, 14 July 2010
Breakfast - yogurt with rhubarb, muesli with trim milk

Lunch: leftover stir-fried veggies (hakusai, onion, piman, eggplant) with extra cheese, oops. 5 tiny chicken nuggets, one-egg omelet.

Snack a banana, a few bits of cheese, a mouthful of fruit sorbet.

plus 1/3 of the one extra hamburger patty and the last bite of Erica's!

Dessert: half of one of those bigger yogurt punnets, and one kinako kinoko, or kinako flavoured chocolate mushroom.


  1. anchan Says:
  2. rofl, that is one serious burger! I can't resist those chocolate mushrooms, daren't have any in the house!

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. yum, that burger looks great. Well done on only having one chocolate mushroom, I think I would have inhaled whole packet!

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. One: there were only seven, and four people, so no-one could have a second one!

    Two: they are individually wrapped, which I am opposed to on environmental grounds, but quite fond of diet-wise, it seems to make the choice to eat it more deliberate, less 'put your hand in the bowl and eat another one' like with potato chips, and popcorn, and Dars chocolate, and... and... and...