Wednesday July 20

Posted by Rachel Wednesday, 21 July 2010
Breakfast: banana, very small bowl of granola with some stewed apple and trim milk. Yogurt - the Bio yogurt with rhubarb. Bio yogurt usually has three ingredients - I was amazed to find that in order to process the addition of that rhubarb required a list of about ten more ingredients, one of which was actually rhubarb, and also including difficult kanji which I assume are additives of some sort or another. I think I'll stick with adding it myself!

Lunch: lunch out treated by MIL and SIL. We went to a teishoku/hambagu type place. I ended up eating a mouthful of this, a mouthful of that. A slice of pizza, about 1/4 cup of om-rice, 1/2 a hamburger, small creamy salad, about 1/2 cup of yaki-soba, mostly cabbage, some meat, one piece of yaki-niku, two spoonfuls of corn soup, and a glass of sweetened ice coffee. Now, if anyone can work out the calorie value of that, you deserve a medal!

Snack: leftover bits of hamburger, some grated cheese.

Dinner: Hamburger (bread, tomato sauce, hamburger patty, cheese, slice of tomato, loads of lettuce) Plus 1/3 of Erica's.