Wednesday 30

Posted by Rachel Thursday, 1 July 2010
So, do we start counting at one again tomorrow?

Average day, same breakfast, felt like a ate a little too much at lunch, volume-wise (egg, bread, leftover stir-fry, bean, carrot and beef wraps) followed by three pieces of chocolate. See, I found some.

Afternoon tea, I picked at the chicken I was cooking and had a handful of walnuts

Dinner was wraps. Some with salmon and cream cheese and sprouts, some with chicken and pesto. YUM. I had four, I think, followed by two more chicken and pesto ones without the rice paper wrapper, wrapped in a lettuce leaf. The kids weren't too fond of the wraps either so in future we'll just go straight to the lettuce leaf!

Apple for dessert

1 Responses to Wednesday 30

  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. I think so - otherwise we'll be up to Monday 115 kind of thing.

    We could just write the date date. July 1, July 2 ??

    Hey, thanks for invite to gion party - should be able to make an appearance for a few hours with yet-to-be-figured out xxx members of family.