Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 20 July 2010
Breakfast: run out of muesli, so bought granola plus some bran flakes with whole milk

Lunch was wicked: fried potato and a fried egg. And a banana

Snack: 3 marshmallows, a pot of yogurt, 2 ginger thins, 6 nuts

Dinner: Chicken wraps. I really wanted burritos, but gave up finding them in this town before I even started. I decided pita bread was more likely, so set out on my search, only to fail to find them too. I eventually settled on naan, which doesn't open up very easily, but it did the trick. Filled with steamed chicken, tomato, lettuce and that pesto I made two weeks ago. YUM. Then I found out that they were just as good wrapped in the lettuce leaves, so next time I will call off the search for burritos/pita bread/naan!

Dessert: 6 marble chocolates.