Posted by Rachel Thursday, 15 July 2010
Breakfast: muesli bar and a 30% bigger can of coffee on the way to visit a friend with a new baby.
Snack: Erica got given a load of cookies by the nurses at above hospital, and wanted to open the kinako. She only had one half of one mochi, so I just HAD to eat the rest. It's been a very kinako week!

Lunch: okra, carrot, kelp and yamaimo salad with aojiso dressing. Erica ate most of the okra. The kid actually likes okra with aojiso dressing! One banana.

Snack: handful of nuts. Seeing as nuts are very high calorie, I have been working on diminishing the size of the 'handful', which used to be about half a bag. I was down to 3 peanuts, a cashew, an almond and one and a 1/4 walnut halves


Tofu steak with mushroom sauce, salad with aojiso dressing and some corn, no butter! Kiddie lefotvers included two gyouza and a mouthful of tofu steak.

Dessert will be a peach. Last night I had an apple.

Anchan and I decided to challenge the List of 50 tips she posted the other day. Any other takers? Shall we start with No. 1 -To work out just how many calories you can eat daily, multiply your ideal body weight in pounds by 14.

Okay, so the IDEAL ideal would be 65kg: 2000 calories, more than I was aiming for actually.
And the more realistic, at least by Christmas please 70: 2170.

I'm generally aiming for 500 calories meals, which is all talk really as I am still not actually counting any calories!

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  1. It's weird because Jillian Michaels (biggest loser trainer) says x12 and another health site says x11.... who to believe?
    Perhaps x11 = sedentary
    x12- quite active
    x14 - extremely active
    x14 is waaaay too much for me though so I usually go by x11 and on cheat days x12 haha.
    I love your menus. Sounds very yum!
    I actually recommend counting cals, at least in the beginning. I got quite a surprise at the cals in some things, I got an idea of portions - benkyou ni narimashita ;-)
    I can now count in my head if I'm maintaing but I have a body fat / muscle mass goal so I'm counting on I know it's a HUGE drag, but it's an evil necessary in my opinion....
    Have a healthy day!
    xx :)

  2. anchan Says:
  3. Your dinner looks right up my street - tofu and mushrooms, plenty of protein and very low fat - yum! Not your lunch though, I can't handle okra, yamaimo or kelp!

  4. Rachel Says:
  5. Corrina, I recommend counting calories too, great idea! I just don't actually get around to it!

    I have used a much more detailed equation, I will post it later.

    Anchan, not a nebeneba fan then? Apart from natto I like the nebaneba! Even better than this is the one with the slimy mushroom as well!

  6. anchan Says:
  7. haha, definitely not a nebaneba fan - can't even handle bananas!