Posted by Gaijin Wife Wednesday, 7 July 2010
Yesterday was a pretty good day.

Hour walk to kindy and back followed by 35 minutes of Billy - he made me sweat shitloads. I had it in my head that the workout was only 35 minutes but then they started doing squats and it had another 8 minutes to go but I just about passed out after three squats and had to call it a day. There were a couple of other sections during the workout where I couldn't get through all the sets and had to stop and just jiggle for half a set or something. Aim is to get through whole workout.

I made some ginger crunch on Monday morning for guests coming that afternoon. The icing was still setting when they arrived and it would have been ready to cut a bit later but we got talking and I forgot. Was gutted when I saw it sitting on the bench after they left. So gutted I had to promptly slice it up and have two pieces. I was pretty sure I would eat the whole lot over the course of a couple of days so I wrapped most of it up (only two more pieces for afternoon tea yesterday) and took the rest to friend.

I was looking up ginger and health benefits online so i could tell her it was good for something but really it is such a wonder food I didn't know where to start. In my google travels I came across a ginger, honey, lemon and green tea drink that sounds sound bloody detox fabulous that I went straight out and bought the raw ginger and lemons to go with the green tea and manuka honey I already have.

Time for a taste test me thinks - might just need to put the cooler on first or perhaps try it with ice.

Did the kinder walk again this morning but Billy is going to be every second day for the first week until my arms get used to it - seriously, it hurt trying to reach the tampon box on the top shelf in the toilet yesterday. Useless.

Oh, and happy tanabata.