Still here

Posted by Gaijin Wife Tuesday, 20 July 2010
I am still here - promise.

I've been slack lately - long weekend with kids home meant little 'proper' exercise. I did buy a walky thing though that counts your steps so I need to start that tomorrow. What's a good amount to want to aim for? 10,000?  I'm thinking I should get to 10,000 in a normal day if I walk the kids to kinder in the morning. Couldn't today though as had nap time futons and a baby as well.

There was huge amounts of beef and beer consumed last night - followed by lemon infused shucream which no doubt went straight to the flummy.

It is hot hot hot hot hot. Walks in the middle of the day out of the question - with the baby anyway.

I didn't get round to weigh in on Friday - mum had an oncology appointment and was having a shit day. She started the chemo yesterday. I guess there will always be 'something'. That's just the way life is. Can't lose my way now. Need to have a good week so can get back on track - although I weighed in at 85.0 this morning. The thing is I can't even get despondent with weight as I KNOW I haven't been good enough to expect there to b a loss.

Right, time to clear the deck of tell tale signs of yakiniku feast and hang out the washing. Billy needs to back in the dvd player today too after three days of Lightening McQueen.


  1. anchan Says:
  2. Glad to hear you're OK, I noticed you'd been rather quiet!

    Yeah, the healthy recommendation is 10,000 steps. I usually average around 6,000 steps if I don't do any exercise. I need to get moving some more, but it's just sooo hot...

  3. Rachel Says:
  4. Yep, hang on in there! You're right, don't get despondent and give in. I'm beginning to think the key to diet success isn't the diet food, the water, the 10,000 steps, pressing that spot on your ear or any other magic bullet, it's just simply never, ever giving up!

  5. illahee Says:
  6. i'm still here, too. we can do it! :D