Month 1 Over

Posted by Gaijin Wife Friday, 2 July 2010
And what a crap month it was. I have by no means bean the picture of good health and exercise. I think about the only really good habits I have formed are drinking more water and not snacking at night. Compared to previous months I guess my exercise amount has gone up too.

My goals this month are to:

NOT HAVE ANY BEER - this is the biggest goal, and will be the hardest to stick to. Tis fuckin hot and muggy and on days when the kids have been right little monsters I look forward to that beer. But one leads to another and this needs to stop. Doesn't mean I can go out and buy wine instead either!! I'll get hub his bottle of Shochu so he can have a drink and not buy beer to bring home with him after work - I never feel the need to get into his Shochu either.

EXERCISE MORE - half an hour a day. This must be doable surely. If a big translation comes in I might re-think this but at the moment this should definitely be attainable - especially if I walk the kids to kindy -  like this morning. Thats an hour all up so any exercise I did during the rest of the day would be beyond the call of duty and going straight to flummy reduction.

BREAD ONCE  A DAY ONLY - if I have toast for breakfast that means no sandwiches for lunch. I do love my bread though.

And I think three new good habits is enough for this month - plan on of course keeping put he good water drinking and no snacking at night. This time next month I should have five new good habits compared to the start of this. Hopefully it means I actually lose some weight this month aye!

Weigh in today was 85.0kg. up down, up down, up down,

Nevermind. Only self to blame.


  1. Bryn Says:
  2. Wow! No beer? AT ALL? That seems pretty harsh! Do you really think it makes that big of a difference for you? Maybe you could shoot for just cutting back? Or are you a "balls to the wall, all or nothing" kind of person?

    Three cheers for an awesome month for all of us in July! Yay! Yay! Yay!

  3. illahee Says:
  4. what about the low carb happoshu? that's what i'm drinking!! LOL not too bad, actually, and i think it's the carbs with all the calories. right? (don't tell me if i'm wrong...just kidding, i need to know these things.) i think my can of kirin green is just over 100 calories.

  5. Gaijin Wife Says:
  6. you're absolutely right, silliness. can't go cold turkey- seems like a good idea at the time...

    low carb beer - will check that out.

  7. illahee Says:
  8. esp. not in summer!

  9. Rachel Says:
  10. Actually I thought the No Beer was a really good idea!

    Not because you should give it up forever, but it is a good way to kick the habit, and give yourself a chance to develop new habits and ways to relax, so eventually, you can have a beer if you want one, but you no longer NEED one to relax at the end of the day.

    and the best time to do that is when you yourself decide the time is right. So go for it! After our little outing in Jan. I gave up all drinking for a month, I think it turned into 6 weeks. The good thing was I kicked habits that had started to form, like 'needing' a drink on Friday after work.

    PS, beer is less fattening than wine, which has loads of calories! So you really are better off with the no carb or low calorie beers, if you're going to drink.

  11. illahee Says:
  12. good point, rachel!