Posted by Rachel Monday, 26 July 2010
Not bad...

Breakfast was marmite on toast, feeling a slight hangover from last night, but not a McDonald's-worthy one, so I was safe.

Lunch. This was weird. I had cereal with rhubarb and milk! It was so hot, I couldn't stand eating something hot. I made ramen for the kids, but after wandering around the kitchen hopelessly while they ate, I settled on cereal, while DH made himself somen.

Afternoon tea: banana and yogurt smoothie, with manuka honey

Dinner: tofu with shoyu and ginger, a small bowl of miso soup with tofu and hakusai, a few mouthfuls of rice, a few bits of okra goma-ae and a crust of bread with butter and marmite. "Three of these things are just like the other..." Okay, soy and marmite are somewhat similar in smell, and I had the bread after the whole table was cleared...

Dessert: everything is going to the pack because I am SO going to have a brandy basket with ice cream, chopped chooclate and berries!!!