Monday July 5

Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 6 July 2010
Not quite the back-on-track day it should have been, for various reasons.

Breakfast: banana and muesli bar.

Oops: doughnut. I don't usually eat donuts, especially if they are Mr. donuts, which are like cardboard filled with custard someone forgot to put the sugar into. But this donut was SPECIAL. Made by some small boutique bakery (I made double sure to NOT find out where it was), it was coated in sugar and actually tasted of oil too. Like someone had looked up how to make a real doughnut, and with typical Japanese precision and application, perfected it. All I can say in my defense was, I only had one.

Lunch: the ekiben. The rice was horrible and hard, which was good, cos I didn't eat much of it!

I know this is the Tokaido lunch and I was on the Sanyo line, but I don't care, okay?

Dinner: sandwich. After our shark picnic worked out so well I decided Monday-after-swimming picnics in the park is quite a good idea, so we did it again, this time we had sandwiches. Just one cheese, lettuce and marmite one, but it was white bread. To my credit (you've got to focus on the GOOOD!) I did NOT eat the potato salad bun I'd bought, or the yogurt or any of the chocolate, despite it being my favorite (Black). Why? Because instead of telling myself No, I just told myself I could have it later. Later hasn't come yet.


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. wahoo for no later. I like that philosophy. Maybe I can just stockpile all the yummies I nearly eat into a 'for later' pile. Hopefully my 'later' comes in another 15kg or so.

    Yay for hard ride and not being able to eat it. the rest of that obento looks super health. It's hard for us bumpkins to actually get brown bread so having white bread isn't bad, just more of an occupational hazard of living in rural Japan without a bread maker or wholemeal flower.

  3. illahee Says:
  4. i am still reeling over the mr. donut comment. i HATE it when donuts taste like oil. if i wanted oil, i'd pour some into a tablespoon! *shudders* LOL sounded fabulous otherwise. good for you on only one! :D that's the thing, though. after losing the weight, the temptations are still going to be there. i don't think total abstaining is the answer, it's only having some instead of the whole box!

  5. Rachel Says:
  6. Re donuts, they reminded me of ones I bought fresh-cooked from a street stall in NZ. It seems to me that since a donut is fried, and coated in sugar, it should taste that way, whereas Mr Donut seems to leave out those bits!

    Re wholegrain bread, I get it from FBC, I believe you get that out there in the wop-wops? If it seems expensive, remember you are having ONE slice a day, so a loaf lasts for two weeks.

    The 'laters' are catching up with me!!! chocolate yesterday, about to eat the potato salad bun for lunch!