Long Weekend

Posted by Rachel Tuesday, 20 July 2010
What a write-off!

Festival, hang-over and party, all disaster zones.

Saturday I think started out okay, with a weetbix with the last of the rhubarb. Lunch was scrambled eggs, I think, and a few extra snacks. Ended up too busy in the afternoon to eat, going to Baachan's to get tied up into my yukata.

Dinner: one piece of karaage. I think I had a few more bites of food from the buffet later on, can't remember what. FOUR gin and tonics!!! Felt pretty good after that! A couple of beer nightcaps after I got home and got the kids to sleep. Wicked, evil day!

SUNDAY: hangovers are the BIG risk for me. I just eat like a HORSE. I had two 30% extra size canned coffees, and about one and a half cans of coke. 3 slices of toast for breakfast, scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch.

I challenged the Triple! And it was all chocolate varieties, chocolate chip, Belgian chocolate chunk and chopped chocolate. If you don't know what I'm talking about you have no idea what heaven is. 31

Dinner: somen and made some mashed potato and gravy just for me!

Monday, kid's birthday party: skipped breakfast, lunch was bread in the car (deep-fried hash brown. Don't ask me how they manage to deep fry something that's supposed to be pan fried, I supposed they throw the frozen ones in a vat of oil. I love hash browns but I always regret getting these oily ones from the bakery!) and a five-cheese mini-pizza. Never had such amazing cheese at a J. bakery before!

Snacks: loads, including potato chips, pineapple, banana, cherries, ice cream cake.

Dinner: pizza, karikari cheese and bacon bits 'salad', more hash brown sticks.

Dessert: ice cream again on the way home - mint flavor, yum!

Okay, now it's on. This is the REAL challenge, surviving summer holidays without putting on more weight! Feeding hungry kids day in day out without eating too much of it myself. Re-thinking lunch to feed them as well as me. NOT eating ice cream just because it's hot!!

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