july 7, 2010

Posted by illahee Wednesday, 7 July 2010
goals met: exercise was cutting grass in the back garden. has to be done by hand so after 20 minutes or so, i was winded and very sweaty. drank plenty of water today.

goals not met: went to costco today and had cola zero. better than regular soda i guess.

speaking of going to costco, i actually did pretty well because in the past i would have stopped at a conbini on the way for a soda and something sweet and/or sticky (sweet bread or a candy bar), then ate too much at the snack bar at costco (as it was, i shared a slice of pizza and a hot dog with tommy, and didn't eat tommy's pizza half which he barely ate.) still a long way to go, but definitely an improvement.

probably no points for the G&T i had during dinner prep, and the low-carb beer i drank with (yakiniku in the back garden. that's why i cut the grass today!)

EDIT: i tried billy today but had to quit during the warm-up. it was starting to hurt my knees so i think i need to lose some weight before trying again. (i don't wear shoes in the house, that would probably help support my knees....)


  1. Rachel Says:
  2. Pilates might work better for you, less bouncing. Swimming is also excellent if you're having joint problems. Good luck! I'm super good at finding excuses to NOT exercise!

  3. illahee Says:
  4. i would love to swim but alas, no child care. *sigh*

    i tried pilates once but i really couldn't take all the counting!! LOL

    yes yes, excuses excuses!