july 29, 2010

Posted by illahee Friday, 30 July 2010
breakfast: cereal and milk
snack: chicken and french fries (from 7-11)
lunch: 2 skewers yakiniku, mini-milk
snack: little cake
dinner: hambaagu cooked on the grill (to reduce fat), flavored with ketcup and mustard; green beans; rice; kimchee

not a lot of water, no exercise.

i got an order from expat express on this day and was excited to see what extra thing i got myself: diet coke. LOL

1 Responses to july 29, 2010

  1. Rachel Says:
  2. A good day! enjoy your diet coke. I'm just about to have the rest of that zero, I don't like it much, but I think I need something sweet and cool right now.