july 2, 2010

Posted by illahee Friday, 2 July 2010
since it's friday, and only the second day of my first month, i am taking today's weigh in as my starting point. i have been going back and forth with myself over actually posting my weight because it's high. embarrassingly so. but it was that embarrassment which motivated me to join the blog. so, i have to put it up here. if nothing else, i will work that much harder to lose weight. *deep breath*

this morning i was 109 kilos. this is more than i've ever weighed. i don't exactly feel ashamed, but i am not proud of this, either. ok, gambaremasu.

today i woke up super early (too hot to sleep, especially when being kicked repeatedly by bedmate.

so, i managed to walk. i don't think i've walked since last autumn. it was very easy over the winter to snuggle under the covers and ignore exercise. the summer isn't going to be much better (28 at 6 am?) but no excuses. at first i was very stiff but after my muscles warmed up i got to a pretty good pace. 25 minute walk.

i only had one cola zero today, and no regular. one day victory! i did have a chai this morning with a teaspoon of sugar, and also had a mini cream pan so not a perfect day, but the soda is a big thing.

ok, off to a weekend of who knows what. will try to keep it in perspective.


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. It is scary posting exact weights but it does motivate you - well, obviously it didn't motivate me enough the first month but I so want to be in the 70 again - like I'm sure you can't wait to get back down to the 90s.

    Good day you had starting off with a walk. When I walk the kids to kinder it is sometimes soooooo damn hot I'm sweating about ten steps after stepping out the front door!!

    Yay for the no real soda. I prefer the cola zero but it's just what your used to I guess. Good luck for the weekend!!

  3. Bryn Says:
  4. Yay! Good job! Especially on the soda!

  5. illahee Says:
  6. actually, i LOVE diet coke. since they've stopped selling it here (or making weird concoctions of it) i switched to zero. the cola is completely voluntary. i should be able to not drink it. but once in a while i want something really sweet!

  7. Rachel Says:
  8. yay for a good start!

    I prefer the full-sugar version, which is okay I think, as it means I have to really restrict it! I believe in original, full fat, full sugar versions of most food (except milk) and just eating less of them.