july 15, 2010

Posted by illahee Friday, 16 July 2010
let's see, what a day...

yoshi took the day off so it really throws me off. had breakfast at joyfull (hambaagu and egg with salad and rye bread, soup bar). the kids got home early and they had sandwiches, but i didn't eat because i was still full from joyfull. then went to karaoke and found out they have a great deal during the day, including drink bar. i only had oolong tea, go me.

after karaoke i was really hungry so i got some discount deli/bento food at the supermarket (i was alone, hurray!) so had some fried tofu, karaage and white rice. didn't eat the full portions, just enough so i didn't feel so hungry.

dinner was pork/egg/veggies (including nira) with rice, kimchee, pickles and natto. i only had a bit of the pork/veggies with a bit of rice and kimchee. wasn't hungry again because of my late lunch.

plenty of water and oolong tea today!