july 13, 2010

Posted by illahee Wednesday, 14 July 2010
really really crap day.

had fried chicken and a coke from 7-11. made a cake for the english chatting lesson and the student called at 10 (lesson starts at ten) to say she couldn't make it. half the cake in my belly today. lunch was pizza toast (only cheese, but still, white bread...) dinner was spaghetti. still, all that cake put me in a crap mood and didn't want to exercise, and reading about someone about to go home for a visit put me in tears. *sigh*

i am not losing anything, in fact, my weight is going up. almost halfway through the month and i am failing once again. however, this is really showing me how much i eat out, and i think i will make that a goal: try to eat at home more.

didn't even drink that much water today.


  1. Rachel Says:
  2. Yeah, this time of year, everyone's heading off for summer holidays, it can be hard when you're the one stuck at home. But I think we're all in that boat though?

    This IS working if you are identifying areas you need to change and making some changes. Good start!

  3. anchan Says:
  4. Yeah, I'll be stuck here too :-(

    I think that writing down even our bad days is helpful and will help to change the way we think and make choices. It's all good, illahee! xxx

  5. Gaijin Wife Says:
  6. join you in that - really need to get back on track. I thought that because I was starting the blog it would work and I would see myself skinnier in no time. And then life gets in the way, three good days get overshadowed by one absolutely crap day and weight wise you are back where you started. One step forward two steps back.

    We can get back on to it though. Billy wants us to 'take flight' you know :)