July 1

Posted by Rachel Friday, 2 July 2010
Not a bad day. Weighed in at 76.4. Didn't even have to scoot the scales all over the kitchen floor to get a good reading!

Breakfast I had commerical muesli with rhubarb. Was feeling down (weather, tiredness, busyness) so I wanted something different.

Lunch was three leftover wraps, which was not so hot, and the usual egg and toast. 4 pieces of chocolate after, gave 2 to Erica so I won't end up eating them all!

Canned coffee for afternoon tea

Dinner was pizza, supermarket variety, I had 1/4 of the thin-crust margarita pizza, and 1/4 of the thicker bacon pizza, plus an extra crust of Erica's

Apple for dessert

Friday: just weighed in at 76.1 Pretty sure I am going to gain at least a kilo this weekend - I'm off to Osaka with illahee for the AFWJ Board meeting.


  1. Gaijin Wife Says:
  2. Yeah! I can't believe I thought a kilo a week when i started. June was a shit first month result wise but I can't be pissed off as not as if have been the picture of good health and exercise :)

    Good luck for July - see you looking slightly more fabulous on the 25th.

  3. Bryn Says:
  4. Good job! Cut yourself some slack in Osaka, have a great time, then work extra hard next week! Hope you guys have lots of fun!

    I just sent you 3 emails re: tofu, 3 pix I took at the supermarket today. It was overwhelming. Who knew tofu could come in so many varities??? I sent it to the mad3 addy, is that still a good for you?

  5. illahee Says:
  6. i think even getting started here is great!

    i am hoping the weekend won't be to hedonistic. unless we go out for karaoke. tell me we're gonna karaoke....LOL