introduction time: illahee

Posted by illahee Thursday, 1 July 2010
well, hello there everyone! i have watched for a month and at first was motivated, but then slowly let it slip away. NOT the fault of the ladies here, it was me, as usual, who just let it go. so. i am joining in to get myself into shape. we may or may not be flying this winter and i don't want to be the fattie fattie who delays the plane and/or has to pay for an extra ticket for my fat ass.

i was a skinny child, but puberty changed that. throw in moving across the country (hell, across the continent) the summer before sixth grade and i was a goner. teased at school and much rainier weather made for a lonely illahee who turned to food for comfort. *sigh* i know i'm an emotional eater, i eat when i'm sad, happy, lonely. don't really need a reason sometimes!

my biggest problem is sugar, namely sugar in soda. i try to go diet soda but i think all in all i drink too much. so i will drink less this month.

i usually drink a lot of water, though probably not as much as i used to. so, i will drink more water this month.

i don't have time to exercise. to be precise, i don't have time to swim. i am not sporty and i have found that i usually give up on exercise if i don't enjoy it. except swimming. i LOVE love to swim. however, without adequate child care, i don't have time to swim. *sigh* so, i am going to try to walk as much as possible, get on the wii fit every morning and maybe even let billy and his boot camp a chance to kick my butt. i may even try the walking videos if i have the energy.

anyway, these are my goals for the month of july. at the end of the month i hope to have an update and a list of new goals. wish me luck!


  1. Rachel Says:
  2. Welcome and GOOD LUCK!

    I still struggle with exercise... it's hard to get motivated in this heat as well. It's my next big challenge!

    If you eat when you are happy, sad, lonely, any old mood, then I reckon part of it is just plain old habit.

  3. Gaijin Wife Says:
  4. Welcome. welcome.

    Glad to have someone else on board and that in itself should motivate me this month. I'm a comfort eater too as well as being a terrible procrastinator. Always telling myself I'll start tomorrow kind of thing and that it doesn't matter at the moment cause I will get round to losing weight and I wont be fat for ever.


    flying is a huge incentive.

    see you looking more fabulous on the 25th too?

  5. Bryn Says:
  6. Hooray illahee! Welcome!!!

    I'm right there with you on the soda. It's my biggest vice :( And I HATE diet soda :( I've tried really hard in the past to stop, even went so far as taking a pill that made soda taste like complete crap when I drank it! Didn't stop me.....I AM drinking far less than I used to, but it's still too much. *sigh*

    But this group is all about making positive, healthy changes and encouraging each other, so we can do it!!!

    Hope you have fun this weekend!