Friday Weigh-in

Posted by Rachel Saturday, 31 July 2010
76.2! The active life seems to be paying off! It's not just the moving all day, I think, but less opportunity to snack, and smaller meals because I'm just busy. Maybe I WILL lose weight this summer. Big BBQ beach weekend ahead of me though.

Breakfast, a few crusts of bread, sandwich cuttings, I forgot to eat breakfast!

Lunch, a piece of bacon and egg pie, and half a sandwich. I often put too much in picnics and then eat it because it's there, but in reality I'm not that hungry when out and about, and I should take more advantage of that and pack small.

Snack: ice cream on the way home.

Dinner: more pie, plus meat and BEER! We had a private barbecue date-night. Or rather, a family barbecue that the kids abandoned to watch Doraemon, so it was just me and K, but we had fun.