Posted by Rachel Saturday, 24 July 2010
Weekly low of 76.1 yesterday, before all the bread... 500g up on Friday because of it!

Breakfast: granola, stewed apple and trim milk
Lunch: okonomiyaki on a stick. Weird. I bought it because I thought it was some kind of baked or fried tofu, but it was actual okonomiyaki. Was quite nice actually. Plus a boiled egg, and two small salads, a gobo salad, much nicer than the usual kinpira. And okra with goma-ae, which was amazing because I got home from work to find Kanji cooking exactly that. Great minds think alike. Ki ga au, he said. So it's goma-ae month! Meanwhile he's also making gobo tea for slimming. I might try some, but I think by now you all know how I feel about supplement, gimmicks and dieting tricks! Sure, if gobo's found to have some amazing dietary properties, eat it, but I don't think you need to go the lengths he went to, shaving, drying, dry frying, and finally making a tea.
Afternoon tea, a small bowl of grated cheese, which is becoming a bit of a bad habit with me! And a pot of yogurt with rhubarb, added by myself: here are some photos of the two ingredients lists:

Above, milk, milk something-or-other and yet another milk product. Below, milk, SUGAR, fruit, fruit juice (rhubarb and apple!), then the other two milk proucts as above, and followed by four more mystery items I don't have time to look up, probably flavorings/preservatives/colors of some sort. Sorry if no-one else is as fascinated as me by the doctoring required to just add some fruit to the yogurt!

Dinner: one buta-bara yaki-tori, one shishitobacon yaki-tori. We were out at the festival. Canned coffee, 2nd of the day. Later on I stayed up to watch TV (and do the laundry!) and ate two big fat peaches.